Whats it worth? 1896 SS Nurses Buckle - Charles Boyton?

Hi Everyone!
Have stumbled upon (in a skip bin of all places!!) a silver nurses buckle. Have done a little research (i am totally ignorant of everything except what i’ve learnt on Antiques Roadshow / Bargain Hunt!) & found out that its marked for London, 1896 and the makers mark looks like a CB which i think is Charles Boyton. I tried to take some pics but can’t get them clear, i will try again & upload if possible. Does anyone have any idea of a) what its worth, and b) where to sell it? (I’m in Brisbane, Australia)

Thanks in advance!

I suggest you check out the Completed Listings section of eBay. There is a bit of variation in prices and without knowing exactly what yours is like and its condition (which is going to be a question as you found it in a skip), it will be easier for you to try to find something which matches yours approximately. eBay is also a good place to sell provided you give a good, accurate description and provide clear and informative pictures.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It seems to be in fantastic condition, for its age etc. I gave it a little bit of a polish but dont have the right stuff to clean it and didn’t want to hurt it! I’ve attached the picture i took, its not the best quality photo but you can see that it is quite intricately detailed. Thanks for the advice re ebay, i’ll jump on & have a look today!