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What's the year of my Elkington coffee pot?

My father has recently given me a silver coffee pot made by Elkington & Co.
It has the numbers 18697 above the hallmark and a 1 in a circle.
There are five seperate hallmarks and as it isn’t very visable on the picture I took on my camera, I have attempted to draw it out. I’m unsure if the 18697 is part of the date or just another number.
Any help would be really appreciated as I wish to sell this item.
coffee pot 1.JPG

Your coffee pot is of course electroplate rather than solid silver as it does not have any hallmarks. Normally electroplate is extremely difficult to date, but Elkington very kindly used a date code. The date code M which you have drawn is 1898. 18697 is most likely the pattern number.

Thanks for replying. I thought the marking on the pot were hallmarks, my mistake sorry.
Thanks for your help in dating it. Don’t think it’s going to make me a fortune as I had hoped, oh well :frowning: