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Where and what?

I’ve had these for years, and never knew what era they’re from, or where they are from. I’ve never seen other silverware with such decorations on them.

Can anyone help?
Picture 253.jpg

The back side of the pieces. One is stamped with “Italy”
Picture 256.jpg

when I saw picture 1 - I knew Italy. Very common souvenier spoons. The lion on one is corresponding to Sct Markus. One of Jesus 12 apostle. The lion is city mark of Venice. Is the book open - it is made in a perion where venice was at pease. Is the book closed Venice is at war.
So it was in old period.
Take picture of ornament other pieces - and I shall identify city. The pictures now I cannot see.

Thank you. Here are some close pictures. Any idea of what year, and value of these pieces?
Picture 259.jpg
Picture 257.jpg

Sorry I cannot get further. The figures on top represent Italien cities. The lion os Venice and a wulf is Rome.
The roman emperor - Rome is always illustrated with the wulf, but he this emperor could also be Rome - but not absolut sure.
The last is also a city mark - but now I cannot find my list.

Regarding value - I dont trade - so value??