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william bateman spouted flagon

Hi just wondered roughly what my flagon is worth thanks

Hi, I thought long and hard about responding to your enquiry. I suggest that this piece should be examined by a reputable auction house/valuer even an assay office. The reason I say that is my strong suspicion that this piece has been the subject of alteration, Victorian ‘improvement’. The areas of suspicion are the lip, the decoration, the handle and to some extent the base. This looks nothing like a Georgian tankard, which is what I suspect it started life as. William Bateman the second, whose mark it looks like, was the grandson of the legendary Hester Bateman and, by reputation, was probably the best of the Bateman dynasty and was generally accepted to be a significant siversmith of his time.
Should my suspicions prove to be well founded then the value may possibly be a few hundred pounds as opposed to a few thousand were it unadulterated.
I will not give you my usual rant about the Victorian habit of destroying our heritage in silver and furniture but this looks like out and out vandalism.
Check for hallmarks other than William Bateman which would at mean that any alterations were at least assayed and therefore legal.
I hope this helps,

hi this would explain the second makers mark of H.H looks very much like henry hollands mark they really are very small marks though and very difficult to see date mark so this is not a flagon the but infact a tankard?? the H.H marks are stamped on the spout and the bottom of the skirt so would this be worth very little now? :cry:

Hi, with the additional marks it clearly has been altered. That the new marks are present is a good thing. I still think you need to go to a professional valuer and a conventional and reputable auction house is probably the way to go to sell it. I don’t think an internet auction will be particulalry successful because with the alterations it really needs to be examined close up. Professional valuation will provide the authentication for the additional marks and quality of alterations. In my view, and it is only my view, it may fetch hundreds rather that the thousands that an unadulterated Georgian tankard would fetch. The problem is that the market for such altered pieces is quite small. Hope this helps.