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William Tant Spoon??

I believe this spoon dated 1762 bears the mark of William Tant? I seek confirmation and if so, some info on the man.

Secondly, what would be the value of this item?

Thanks in advance.

Grimwade lists this mark as “(probably) William Tant”. We can’t be sure as unfortunately there is a missing register dating from about the time that Tant would have registered his mark.

Tant was the son of William Tant of the parish of St. Giles Without Cripplegate, buckle carver, and was apprenticed in 1758, free 1766. His address was Haberdasher’s Square, Grub Street. However, you will notice that your spoon is dated 1762 and Tant did not achieve his freedom until 1766; I have also seen a 1762 spoon with this mark. So it is probable that Grimwade is wrong in his surmise about Tant and that this is some other WT.

I will leave valuation to somebody else, but it would help if you could confirm the size of the spoon.

Thanks for your very quick response. Fascinating!!

The size of the spoon is 205mm long with approx. 125mm of that being the handle. The remaining length being the bowl of about 80mm x 44mm.

If this WT is other than William Tant who “might” it be? I have seen silver online attributed to William Tant from 1763 on items that sold for a considerable amount!

Nevertheless, thanks for the very interesting history! If you need any further info, don’t hesitate to contact me.[/u]