Worth Point in a Box Set


I recently acquired this box set and was told it was a christening set in its original box, and that it was sterling silver. It appears to be in excellent condition, what do you think?

Help with Hallmarks, please.

I like it because Drummond is my husbands’ surname.

Any idea of the value?

Would anyone be able to translate the calligraphy of the initials, hope I’ve got good enough photos.

Yes, it’s a christening set. The hallmark is London 1895/96 (date letter U) and the makers were Walter & John Barnard, partners in Edward Barnard & Sons, manufacturing silversmiths.

I think that I see CMSJ in the monogram - other interpretations are possible.

Try Ebay’s completed auction listings for values of similar christening sets.


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Thanks, Phil, so the box with Drummond only indicates that the product was perhaps sold at that Jeweller they did not manufacturer the product, is that right?

Yes, Drummonds were the retailers.

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Thank you for your help