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WW2 Allied Victory Silver top Wooden Box

I have for a year tried to determine exactly what this box is , was , used for.
I have only found one other just like it but the one difference is the cartouche was signed where my one is blank , the other one sold at auction in 2008 but the details are no more than what i know. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me more.
What i can tell you is this. Box is 150mm wide , 100mm deep & 50mm high. It is well made with half cut box joins for the main box & the inner sleeve has mitre cut joins in a native timber of some sort , brass hinges. The top of the box under the silver is bevelled & mitre cut joints.
Now to the silver top , it has obviously been polished a lot as wear is evident on the raised emblems. I believe it is not plated but at least .800 silver , i say this as i keep rubbing with a jewellers cloth the top left corner & it keeps giving off strong greylike marks on the cloth. Now for marks , bottom left ARAM.M , maker mark ? Other markings , 1939 , WAR , Egyptian date mark which if i remember rightly is dated 1942 , Also the word Victory up top centre. I always get suspicious when so many marks but like i said i have found only 1 other in all my research on the internet.
I hope photos help & they are mostly macro zoomed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1939 victory box  hallmarks cigar case 2

Almost certainly this box is for cigarettes. The Egyptian hallmark has the Arabic numerals for 800 standard silver, the cat national mark used before 1946 and the date mark for 1941-1943. That seems a bit early to be celebrating victory - maybe just hopeful thinking.


Hi Phil. yes i was thinking the same about those date marks & victory & my conclusion it was for victory over Rommel & the German Armies in the Nth African desert campaign & not meaning victory of the entire world war. I think your right about the cigarette thing cause i thought it smelt of cigars when one opens the box. Im sure they were not mass made due to just not seeing them around anywhere & i had been collecting militaria for 30 odd years. Thanks for the input.