12loth with crystal vase on top

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me to identify what period this belongs to?
What 5 digits mean on bottom of 12loth?

12 loth1.JPG

From what I know about German / Austrian silver, it was until around 1867 that the fineness of Austrian silver was indicated in “loth” (e.g. - 12 loth corresponding to 750/1000, 13 loth = 812/1000, 14 loth = 875/1000, 15 loth = 937/1000, part silver etc).
So it seems that this would be from the middle of the 19thC.

Hope that helps - & always more than happy to be proved wrong :slight_smile:

We normally say that numbers like the 13645 on your piece are pattern numbers. I guess this is probably true here. If so it may indicate that the maker was fairly prolific.

Many thanks for both replies i knew that it could be Germany/Austria perhaps Prussia back then could be option as well. Just wanted to be sure.
Happy to join this forum hopefully will get my very basic knowledge improved.

Many thanks