141 Pieces Mappin & Webb cutlery set.

Hello! I have this 141 pieces cutlery set and want to know if anybody can tell me more or less the price to sell it in euros or usdollars if you can.

Some hallmarks…

Some pictures of the entire set with its case…

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I note that you have previously asked about this set here, although not its value.

As nobody else has replied here is my contribution.

First I have to say that the market for silver plate is not very good and may be very dependent on finding someone who wants the set. In addition a 141 piece set is going to be far too large for most people today. My feeling is that a valuation based on about £3 per item would be fair. That gives you about £420 or 480 euros. However I think you should allow a fairly wide band below and above that figure, say 300-600 euros.

There are a couple of relatively large M&W sets on eBay at the moment (220877686575 and 320776560951). You might like to see how they end.