1760's Cream jug makers marks

Been looking over my books and i can’t place the makers marks on a Cream jug. The date mark looks like it is London 1762

Any help would be great
Many Thanks

Grimwade doesn’t show an exact match for this mark (which is probably HC). He shows an H·C mark registered 1754 by Henry Corry and notes “another similar mark” registered 1764. I am never sure whether “similar” in this usage means with the same pellet or stop, or just the same letter style. However it is also worth bearing in mind that for London marks there are a couple of missing registers so we don’t have any firm record of largeworkers’ registrations from 1758 to 1773. This mark may have been in the missing register…

I read the date letter as the I/J of 1764.


Thank you Phill, most helpful.

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