1807 wine taster's cup with unusual maker's mark

I need help identifying an unusual maker’s mark on a sterling silver tastevin (wine taster’s cup), 3.25" diameter, with no ornamentation except the serpent shaped handle/thumb rest and the engraving “V (solid 5-point star) MAQUIGNAU (solid 5-point star) 1807 (solid 5-point star)” on the outer rim where the serpent’s tail comes to a point. On the bottom are four marks: a rooster (1708-1809) French standard/title mark; the body is facing right and head is facing left and the number “1” is next to its right foot (the viewer’s left); the guarantee mark is a (1708 - 1809) “middle” size head with the numeral 9 on the left and numeral 5 on the right. The maker’s mark appears three times with the initials TG above a starburst nside a lozenge or diamond shape. Maybe it appears three times because none of them is complete.

This has conflicting marks. The “old man” mark with the 8 and 5 indicates a Parisian guarantee mark, while the rooster with the 1 on the left means it was made outside of Paris. I suppose it could have been stamped first for guarantee in Paris, and then made somewhere else. I do not know who the maker T G is. Anyway, your piece would have been made between 1798 and 1809, and probably not in Paris.

This question has now been answered in another forum; the marks are considered to be fake.