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1837 to 1838 weight differences - William Rawlings Sobey

1837 - 5 teaspoons 20 grams (each)
1838 - 4 teaspoons 15 grams (each)
Both sets were made for the same family member with the same crest etc. What do the silvers boffins out there think of this?

An interesting statistic which shows that there was no such thing as standardised mass production, but I don’t think you can read too much into the difference. Maybe for the second batch the silversmith was told to produce them more cheaply. Maybe that was all the retailer had in stock.

I suppose there’s a host of possibilities that are out there. I found it very interesting on weighing the collection to see the amount of differences in the same batches. There are regularly 1/2 grams out on 6 of a batch for example. It’s been fascinating to say the least. Thanks for the input. Will mail you later as there might be a bit of info for your website to add in if you’re interested.