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1904 Silver Tea set who made it? Whats it worth?

As title says:-

I have a Tea set which is hallmarked Birmingham 1907 the makers mark is not easily readable and i have tried finding the mark but cannot. Does anyone know of this mark and what this tea set might be worth?
tea set 3.JPG
tea set 2.JPG
Tea set.JPG

Does anybody know?

the value of Edwardian silver tea services has fallen in the UK, you can get about £8.50 an Oz, so if you weight the tea set and times by the silver price per oz you will get the approximate value, If is of any help, I have seen sets like yours go through the Uk auctions for around £80 - £180
4 or 5 years ago they were selling for £250 -£400
Silver tea services in the UK are just not fashionable at the moment

i knew what it was worth for scrap silver, i wanting to know the sale value?
I have my own website selling antiques and collectables, this isn’t something i usually have which is why i am not too sure on the price.


well what I was trying to tell you is currently its value in the UK market is scrap value, they do not make above scrap unless they are special in some way, yours is a very Standard silver tea set and is only worth scrap, this would be trade to trade
If you have a shop and are retailing then mark it up with your normal % profit on what you paid most traders add 30 -50% on top of what they have paid. But thats up to you, I said earlier they sell through the Auction house for around £80- £180, I would try to sell it at around the £200 to £300 mark

I live very close to Birmingham and Birmingham silver tea sets come on the market alot
Victorian and earlier are much more desirable than Edwardian.

Many thanks for your advice.