1920's Cigarette Box. Hallmarks confusing.

I inherited a silver cigarette box which is inscribed with 1927 but I want to find out a bit more about its history. The hallmarks show that it was made by Walker and Hall of Sheffield but I can’t find a date of manufacture. Attached are a picture of the box, the hallmarks that were stamped on one end, and some numbers that were stamped on the base. Could the ‘W’ on the base be the date letter? Any further explanation would be much appreciated.
I’m guessing this example is pretty common and has no intrinsic value.

Many thanks!
cigarette box.JPG

Well NO that W is not the date stamp. I would guess you are missing the rest of the marks on the piece. Usually boxes like this have two sets of marks, one full set on one part of the box and a partial set on the other. this sure looks like the partial set. It is of course the British mark for sterling in the pic. Look the item over again and i think you will find more.

Thanks Gimme1, I found more hallmarks inside the box.
See the attached image.

OK, the date letter i corresponds with the 1927 inscribed on the box. Case closed (no pun intended).


actually the hallmarks show it has been done by WALKER & HALL of Sheffield in 1926 (Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks)