19th century Christofle cutlery


I’m new here, and would like to shamelessly ask a question about a Christofle cutlery set. I believe it to be 19th century, based on the scales C84C hallmark.

I also have a hunch it is referred to as “baguette”. I have attempted to attach a photo, although I am no David Bailey.

I know it’s silver plate, but am I correct on the age and name? Also, does this have value, or is it worthless like most plated cutlery.

It consists of 6 soup spoons, 6 forks and 5 knives ( 1 knife missing). Spoons and forks are in good condition, but there appears to be corrosion on the knife blades.

I’m prepared for the worst, so don’t hold back in your responses.

Thank you very much.

EDIT - I can’t get photo down to the required size on my phone. Will attempt to add when I access my laptop

I’ll answer my own question. Sold on EBay for £34.

Big loss and a lesson learned. I never touch plated items. Not even free.The name Christofle and the age seduced me. Big mistake.

Stick to silver good people.

Many thanks for the update.