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2 bracelets im thinking of selling


hi all,
Im new here, and have loads of silver im going to try and sell, but these 2 bangles im not sure of their worth, or how much to ask for them. i have attatched pics of the hallmarks, can any one help?? they both have a few dents on them, one is 4 inches in diameter, the other 4.5 inches.
Both are really pretty with loads of detailing on them


JS is Joseph Smith & Sons (Birmingham) Ltd and the hallmark is Chester, 1957. I’m not sure who CPS is, but the hallmark is Birmingham, 1960.

You will need to provide pictures of the bracelets and give some indication of their weight before anybody can suggest a value. Make sure that you show the extent of the damage.


one weighs 45g the other 40g i cant really get the dents to come out on the pics