2 Large Silver Spoons Thomas Northcote

hello, I am a volunteer in my local Oxfam shop in Exeter. We have been given a quantity of silver cutlery, and I’m trying to get my head round it.
I’d like some help pricing. Please ignore that we are a charity shop - some people are even prepared to pay more because we’re a charity for something they really like. These will almost certainly be sold on the Oxfam online site rather than in the shop.
So I’ve established (correctly I hope) that these are from 1790’s, London mark, duty mark for George III (thanks Phil for your help with this.)
Weight is 118 gms for the two.
Length is 9 inches approx.

sorry here are the photos

Old English pattern Georgian tablespoons are selling on Ebay for £60 to £120 a pair. Ebay’s “sold” listings are a good place to look for value as they reflect what buyers are willing to pay.

thank you very much. I’ll take a look