2 pre 1900 Silver Medal Fobs

Hi all ,
2 Silver Fobs here that i would like clarified please for date & maker,. Not sure what VSC stands for , i thought initially it stood for Victory Services club but that wasnt established until 1907. Advance thanks for any input.

I have no idea about VSC and cannot identify the plant on the front, which might have been a clue.

The maker of this medal is William Goss and the hallmark is Birmingham 1886/87 (date letter m).

The other medal’s maker’s mark, although a little unclear, is, in my opinion, JF for James Fenton and has a Birmingham hallmark for 1899/1900.


Having looked at your pictures again I now suspect that the marker’s mark on the VSC medal is more likely to be WO rather than the WG which I originally thought. If so that would make it by William Oliver.