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2 set of hallmarks on crucifix

I have this Crucifix cross that I have been researching and unable to come up with reason why this piece has 2 sets of hallmarks 1 below the feet and other on the back.
If anyone can help me determine if this piece is a fake copy or not and who made it.
Thank You

Other pictures

B.M. = Berthold Mueller, whose company was an importer of silver, based in London in the late 19th/early 20thC. Importing mainly Dutch and German silverware, especially decorative items manufactured by Ludwig Neresheimer of Hanau, Germany. I think the mark on the rear indicates this German maker along with the Berthold Mueller import mark.
The marks on the front, although small & unclear, look like the London 925 import marks for 1911/12.
So, in my opinion & in answer, the ones on the rear are the German marks, the ones on the front are the London import marks.

Thank you very much Tomnik!!!