26 Silver plates with flowers and ABC

We have a collection of 26 silver plates in a letterbox. Each plate with a flower and a letter from A to Z.
We knows some information about this collection?

Do they have any identifying marks?

The markings are very hard to see, but on the front left “Z 1” on the front right “MF 1”

On the back a Circle with a “C” in it and a number next to it (not good readable) but i think “479”.

Sorry that doesn’t mean anything to me, but I think it’s highly unlikely that they are silver as there does not seem to be any sort of fineness standard mark.

It’s Silver.
We have search the internet.
Z1is a dutch marking for silver of the first degree.
We found a year letter C, so we think about the year 1912

Year C

Ah, pictures…

That Dutch mark was introduced in 1953. The c looks like 1962.