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I have 4 Hallmarked Sheffield 1912 Bone handled Butter Knives in good condition.
When compared with othher silver they have a golden colour.
Does anyone have an idea of value and what process gives the gold colour finish?

Thank you for reading this



Hi John, welcome to

The yellow colour you see on the blades of the knives could be one of two things. Either they are very very tarnished and you haven’t cleaned them in some time… Or, (which is much more likely) the blades have been gold washed, or gilt. This was done to protect the blades from attack by salt etc, and also to stop you from polishing them and then poisoning yourself with silver polish.

As for value I would estimate them at around £15 each, or £70 for the set.

Hope this helps, and thanks for joining us on the forum.
Daniel Franks


Hi Daniel

Thank you for your very speedy reply - you will be glad to know that they have been cleaned!!

I am most impressed and wish I had found out about the forum earlier

Kind regards

John Crossley