4 Sliver pots

hello, i was cleaning out my loft and i found 4 pots with a sugar server, The sugar server has A1 in a circle then S E P N S stamps and then what looks like a cross but has extend lines to the right, each pot, coffee tea sugar and milk i think have the same markings E.P.B.M with 105 underneath (stamped) and a scratched on number 4, please help me find the pricing and how to clean and where the best place to sell, i am living in the uk. thanks soo much

EPNS is ElectroPlated Nickel Silver and EPBM is ElectroPlated Britannia Metal so unfortunately you have not found a fortune in the loft. I would suggest that £10-£20 is the sort of return you might expect if you were to sell these. An online auction would not be the place to sell because of the postage costs. Perhaps you could find somebody who is doing a car boot sale and get them to take the set. Alternatively donate it to a charity shop?

To clean it use ordinary silver polish. It doesn’t look as if it needs much work, but should look good with a gentle buffing as long as there is no plate loss anywhere. If there is any plate loss that would reduce the value.

Incidentally the “coffee pot” is for hot water - to top up the tea pot.


I am an antiques dealer. I think the best course of action would be to list it on ebay - you might get a couple of people bidding for it.

KR, Stuart