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5 Piece Silver TEa set Simpson HM Co USA 4111

I am wondering the approximate value of this five piece silver set inherited from family. The little burner is available but not shown in the picture. The set seems to be in very good condition with no dents or scratches.
The marking reads Mfg. Plates/Simpson HM Co. USA 4111

Hi there Linda and thanks for joining us. Your set was made by the Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. of Willingford, Connecticut. It appears to be silver plated and not solid sterling silver, so therefore the value will be minimal, say in the $200-300 range. Please check the 'completed auctions" on eBay for this or similar plated sets as a current value guide.

Simpson, HM & Co. did make sterling goods, and in fact, was one of the original companies that merged in 1898 to form the Internatioanl Silver Co. and the Simpson factory in Willingford became International’s main sterling factory.

If you would be so kind aa to post a close-up of the marks we may be able to date your set a little better, and confirm it is plated and not sterling. If it is sterling silver, it will have the word “sterling” in or near the mark. Simpson used over a dozen differnt marks over the years according to one reference I checked.

You may check the various patterns for Simpson on for a pattern name.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I do not have the set in my possession but I remember looking at the hallmark and don’t recall seeing sterling.

But I will ask them to look again. I keep hoping it is not silverplated, of course as it is old and attractive.