8 piece Silver tea/coffee set

This is my tea/coffee set. It is made by Simpson Hall Miller Co. in 1899. The design number is 4012. There is a W engraved on the front of each piece. I’m assuming my grandparents bought them at an auction but really I have no idea. Their last name started with a V, so it probably wasn’t custom made for them.
CRAFTS 039.jpg
CRAFTS 038.jpg

Hi and thanks for joining us again. Simpson, Hall & Miller of Willingham, Connecticut was formed in 1866 for the manufacture of silver plated goods. It began also making sterling goods in 1895 and became one of the original companies that combined to form the International Silver Co. in the late 1890s.

If the set is silverplated, its is of minimal value, whereas if it is sterling (solid) silver it has considerable monetary worth. Please post a picture of the mark. If it is sterling, the company’s sterling mark was circular and included the word “sterling” around the bottom.


Uncle Vic