84 piece silverware set

I am trying to find out what a 84 piece silverware set is worth and when it was made.
At the top it has what looks like a shield with the letters GJ

Below that is the passant lion, then below that is the lepard head ( uncrowned ), below that the letter U.
I am not so sure that the knifes are of the same maker they seem to be stamped differently but they do have the passant lion mark and the lepard head, but different shield letters and a G.

Thanks for any help you can give me,

From your description of the marks on your silver it sounds as if you have London hallmarked silver made by Josiah Williams & Co of Bristol (GJ and DF are George Maudsley Jackson & David Landsborough Fullerton, the principals of the company). Without seeing a picture I cannot be 100% certain and I would also need a picture to tell you the date of assay.

Value is going to depend on what pattern you have so once again a picture is vital. You don’t need to post pictures of everything, but a list of what comprises your 84 pieces is essential together with some dimensions.

If you are unable to provide pictures I suggest that you look at eBay’s completed auctions. Even if you cannot find an exact matching completed auction you should be able to check on values of individual items and then do some maths to work out a total.