9 Sterling goblets with Bmark and hand scratched, W6?

I’m trying to sort through my parents silver to decide what to do with it. I am not familiar with ANY of the silver marks or makers. These goblets are 6.5" tall. The B obviously represents a maker but I don’t know who. I’m not sure if the other says W6 or is some initials? I could use help with markings, value, and how to sell it. (need to be cleaned). Thanks, Betsy

Hello Betsy -

Your "B’ is really a gothic “G” and is one of the makers marks listed by Rainwater as being used by Gebelein silversmiths. It is also very similar to one used by a small manufacturer in Quincy, Mass, in the mid 1950’s known as A.E. Goodhue. I’ll keep looking to see if I can pin it down. Gebelein was a high quality silversmith working out of Boston from 1909 until the 1950’s. They would,however, more commonly mark their pieces with the full company name. The company is still in business (in Vermont) but now retails silver and no longer manufactures it.

How nice to have a matching set of nine! In general plain silver goblets sell in the $75 to $100 range (each) .


Hello Lisa,
Thank you so much for the reply and the good information. What about the initials scratched in after the G? These are on every goblet. This site has been very helpful with cleaning and resource suggestions. There are still many nice pieces after 6 kids picking out whatever they wanted.