.925 Italy SA Hallmark

Necklace with markings on findings. One side, other has SA within a heart. I’ve of course identified the Italy marking and also found it was produced in Salerno. Lastly, I read the marking the Salerno initials are in (box, circle, heart) determines the maker. Thanks in advance for your help.

I suggest that SA are the maker’s initials as there is no Italian hallmark (which would be of the form [5-point star] [number] [2-letter province abbreviation] all in a horizontal shape with pointed ends. So SA is highly unlikely to indicate Salerno.


I believe that the SA is for Stefani Argento, a (mass) manufacturer and exporter of sterling silver jewellery based in Vicenza, not Salerno. Their stuff is decent quality. It’s unusual to see the SA in a heart as the company normally marks with just “ITALY 925”, but their work is fairly common.