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925 Silver Hinge Necklace

Hello! I am requesting information on a necklace that belonged to my mother that passed it down to me. It is quite heavy and hinged on both sides opening at the back by a round push in button to release and open.It is inlaid with onyx. It is marked inside and states mexico then under that is TS-30 then under that 925. I believe that it is Taxaco silver but I do not know much else about it. Can you help with an approximate date and value? Thank you!

i have no idea whether its taxaco silver or not, usually its 980 or 950 on peices ive seen. However its a nice sterling silver necklace, and if it is taxaco silver it will be sought after by collectors. Price wise? Its easy to go by on weight, bout £15 or $25 per troy ounce at the minute. Maybe worth upwards of £30 easily.

Actually I made a mistake in the mark. It reads Mexico, TS-30, 925. I am pretty certain it is Taxco. No eagle mark on this piece. Is there any more informatioon you can provide me with as to a date?

someone will know by the marks. Id have a wild guess (and i mean wild) by saying early 1900s. Im not an expert of mexican silver but there are plenty out there. Ive done a lil bit of research and it seems ts-30 means taxco, so it is what u think it is. Maybe might describe some of the marks you see. Thus helping you date it.