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A hallmark Identification


Hello, All -
I got a silver locket pendant with the attached hallmark. I guessed this was made in Birmingham by an anchor mark, so I’ve tried identificate it with “Bradbury’s book of hallmarks (pocket book)”, but I couldn’t determinate that. Above all, I couldon’t find any mark “b” very like letter “b” on this photo neither “makers mark HB”. And I don’t know why they cutoff some of hallmarks (5. inside-right). It’s nonsense, isn’t it? Can anyone advice about this piece or help on identification?
Sorry my poor English.
In advance, thank you for your replies.



I’m pretty new to reading hallmarks myself, but I think what you believe to be a “b” is in fact a “h”, and would date the piece at 1882-1883.

As for the makers mark, I can’t find anything about them, but I’ll post back if I do find anything.


ok, found out some more.

Makers mark would appear to be “Henry Bourne”.


Thank you, Denny for your time!
Yes, I think you’re right. I see “h” now, XD
Now, I’ve got two cuestions:

  1. The book (Bradbury’s book of hallmarks) has a head hallmark in that period. It’s not necessary to be figured with that head?
  2. I see in the book a circle around letter “h” in 1882, in Bermingham. But my pendant has quadrate aroud “h”… What I have to think in this case?


As far as the head stamp goes, in my limited research I have seen pieces from Birmingham of various ages throughout the 19th centuary without the “duty paid” head stamp. Not sure on the reason for this, but I seem to see it more on London pieces, ( that may be just a coincidence, as I haven’t seen that many).

I see what you mean about the quadrant as opposed to an oval, again I’m not sure if this is common or not.

I’m afraid that this is where my knowledge ends, but good luck with finding out more about the item :slight_smile: