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A little help needed

Hi all
This is a long shot but wondering if anyone can help?
I have a fleur de lis bottle opener that for the life of me i can`t find the assay or makers id.
My camera is not of a good definition to post a picture so i will try to give as much info as possible,just hoping some of you experts can work it out for me?
Here goes

We have the letter p in a circle

in a oval shape
there are 3 lines crossing the bottom then 2 uprights looking like a pair of towers
Hope this all makes sense

Sorry, this doesn’t ring any bells with me. Can you make a drawing of the marks and either scan or photograph it? A picture of the complete item might help a little too. Finally, as your published profile doesn’t mention where in the world you are, can you let us know where (which country) you obtained it from.

The item was picked up at a local boot sale i dont think it has any great value ,but the marking is really bugging me thats why i joined here to ask the experts.
Photo of badly drawn mark to follow soon,the one i took is to big

One badly drawn picture hope this helps all you sleuths out there?
bottle opener 002.jpg

one more
bottle opener 001.jpg

This is from Denmark. Made between 1893 and late 1930ties. P = Plet, and plet means plated. This is not solid silver but a base material (most likely alpacca but could be brass) with a thin layer of electroplated silver.
The 2 towers is a “marketing tool” invented when the halmark regulation was abandoned. 3 towers had since 1608 been the mark for silver.
Plate manufactores took the 2 towers and invented this as something nearly as good.

The saying was “When you buy 3 tovered silver, you bye for yourself, your children and theit children. When you buy 2 tovered you buy silver for yourself and your children”.

Patern name is Fransk lilje.

Thanks a lot hose-dk
Lots of information there for me to work on,i plan to sell the bottle opener and this will help greatly. :smiley:
Regards from the u.k

Your welcome. Best of luck with selling. However in Denmark price would be around 25 DKK corressponding to 3€ or 4$ or 3£ so not much marked here. Less than a new bottleopener.