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A lot of old silver - advice on how to assess or sell

Hi all,

My better halfs mum has a lot of old Silver - she is getting on and is now moving house, so wants to sell the silver. However we aren’t really sure how to go about getting stuff valued or sold. On the one hand we think get some local people round to value, but then the mum is worried about people knowing she has this Silver. So we were also wondering about a London based auction or similar (we are home counties based).

I thought that I’d ask the experts! So would appreciate your advice. I’m posting a sample of some of the items here - this is a sample from 2 of 12 boxes of stuff. As we don’t know whether these are nice pieces or not.

She has lived in the UK for 50 years, but originates from wealthy Canadian family, so I think some of the items are Canadian (e.g. Birks).

So - would appreciate;
Advice on what the items are - valuable or not?
Advice on how to go about getting all items valued / sold?

I hope this sort of post / question is OK. If not please let me know. Also hope the pictures post OK.

Many thanks,


Nothing you have shown us has any particular value. All of the knife & fork sets are electroplated and napkin rings and brush sets don’t make very much. The mug may have some value but the fact that it’s Canadian counts against it in the British market.

You might be able to find a local auctioneers who will give you some idea of what they would expect to get for the items.