A Lot of Sterling...Is Any Worth Much?

Hello again.

I have several miscellaneous pieces of sterling from this same house and I’m thinking I should just sell them on ebay as a lot. Can you please take a look and give me your best guess as to what these pieces might be worth? I really have no clue.

Starting at the top, (1) a scalloped dish that is 5" long. On the back, it says “Gorham,” three hallmarks, then “Sterling 445.” Any idea of age, its value and what its intended purpose is?

(2) A footed dish that is 6" long. On the back are 3 hallmarks, then “Sterling A7713.” Can you tell me who made it and when it was made? As well as value?

(3) Handled mirror. With handle, 6 1/8" long, beveled mirror. No manufacturer’s name, no hallmark, not marked Sterling but it is sterling. Maybe I’m not finding something; it is heavily tarnished. By the way, should I not use silver polish on stuff I plan to sell?

(4) Serving spoon. Hallmarks on back of handle. I assume its sterling. Is it? Do you know who made it and when? What might its value be?

(5) Sterling brush. Says “Sterling Silver” SOMETHING I CAN’T READ and then “1000 FINE (a hallmark) 15000.”

And that’s it. I hope that wasn’t overwhelming and confusing. Thanks so much for your help.

Here we go…

  1. Nut dish, Gorham sterling, post 1900, $50

  2. Dish, Gorham sterling, post 1900, $50-75

  3. Mirror, no mark, no sterling. Silverplate, no value

  4. Spoon - Rogers silverplate, no value

  5. Brush, Mauser Mfg. Co. NY (the mark you can’t read is the Mauser unicorn), sterling, 1887-1903, $25-75. I collect Mauser and might be interested.


Uncle Vic

Thanks, Uncle Vic, so much for your help. If you contact me at tere@nycap.rr.com with a fair offer for the brush, we can probably make a trade.

Hi there,

Actually, I think the spoon is a Russian silver one, the 84 is the silver mark and the 1877 is the year it was made (there is also a maker and city mark I think), have a look at one of the sites about Russian Hallmarks. Have a look for similar spoons on ebay and you’ll find a rough value, but its definitely worth selling.



Here is a site on Russian Hallmarks:

silvercollection.it/russians … lmark.html

Ben - thanks a bunch for the heads up on the spoon…you are right on, its Russian and .84 silver. My mistake was assuming all of it was American and whizzing through the marks, seeing the “1877” as “1847” which is the Rogers silver plate trademark, and the “B C” as “R C”, which is another one of the zillion Rogers silverplate marks.

I’ve contacted the original poster to correct my error. Also turns out she polished up the mirror and found a sterling mark under the grime.

Uncle Vic