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A Piece that may have belonged to a king?

Hello, I recently decided to begin selling a majority of my silver. However, I have a lot of it and i don’t have a clue how much most of it is worth. So if anyone could help me out with what this is it would be greatly appreciated. here are the markings on the piece. I was told it may have belonged to a king, but I realize this is a long shot. thanks in advance.

Your images are not accessible. Please either post them as attachments or use the [img] tag to include them directly into your post. Not everybody feels comfortable clicking on unverifiable links.

Oh i’m sorry. Hopefully this works. I cant upload it as a picture. It says it’s too big & I dont know how to use the Img thing

I have attached your pictures (suitably resized) to this post.

Your piece is probably electroplated and certainly not silver. It was made by Barker Brothers Silver or their successors, Barker-Ellis Silver (known in the US as Ellis-Barker). The menorah is their trademark. I have to say that, unless you have some other evidence, it is highly unlikely to have been owned by royalty. As it is not silver it has no intrinsic value.
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