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A Real Dead End For Me

I have 2 thimbles, they look identical and the one on the left looks more silver inside but it is the one without any hallmarks? Also I have no idea of the hallmarks on the other
IMG_2662 - Copy.JPG

The hallmark is a Chester mark. The date letter looks like the script C for 1903.

Thanks, any idea why the other one which appears to be silver and older has no marks at all?

Maybe it’s not silver? It could be electroplate which would explain what I assume is tarnishing.

No definitely silver as I have polished up, new image of hallmarks any idea of the maker and a value of this thing? Also am I mistaken but appears the raised hearts and leaves are a different metal?

also any advice on how an amateur could best polish and clean this and not leave reidue in holes would be a great help

Hi I use a silver dip can be purchased at any jewellery shop or Kleeneze or if you want to go more up market use one of the electro type machines

I would suggest that your best starting point to clean out the old silver polish would be warm soapy water and a relatively soft brush - maybe a well-used redundant toothbrush whose bristles are not too rough. Having done that you can then apply a good quality silver polish, finishing off with soap and water again. Don’t worry about a little tarnish in the depressions - it helps to add definition.