A real hard one on a Silver Tray

My father was in the Army Air Corp and Army during and after WWII. He spent time in England and Germany at the time and had little money. So, it was probably from that area. My parents were not wealthy financially, but were the hardest workers I ever knew… sometimes holding 4 jobs at the same time. These things are my only inheritance and my only tangible things to remember them with. I am not good on the camera and the pics did not turn out well but but here is a full description of the mark and the item.

The Mark consists of:

A thin 5 pointed or jeweled crown. (possibly a mark or scratch from the top of the middle jewel and left jewel… I think it is a scratch).

The 5 pointed crown is above “shield” with two points on top and two points on bottom. The “shield” ahs two animals facing each other on each side of the shield. There is a line down the center of the shield cutting it in half from top to bottom.

Outside the ‘shield’: On the left side of the shield, nearly its height is a fairly fancy letter C. The right side has a equal size and fancy S. By fancy I mean that they looks like the old calligrapher type letters.

The tray is a three legged tray. It has fairly fancy legs with either a flower or a oyster shell molded into the legs. The top is scalloped with fancy flowers above the legs on top of the platter or tray.The rest of the edge has 9 scalloped edges around the tray edge plus these leg flowers. The center of the tray have some relatively non-fancy flowers and leaves in three circles around the face of the tray. To me the flowers around the outside circle look like forget-me-not circle with leaves above above and below. The middle circle look a bit like ostrich feathers and the center circle look like french flure-di-lis with the ostrich feathers.

The tray is approximately 15 inches in diameter and 1 inch high (due to the legs).

I hope this helps, and is not giving you too much to read. As I say in my signature, this is important to me. Any information would be greatly appreciated and would help me. I do not even know if this is Stirling silver or silver plated but I know it is at least 50 years old and probably was not new when my parents received it.

Thank you,