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A silverware bowl is it Irish or english.


I am new to this silver hallmark hunting and checking up. Today my boyfriends mother was doing a clearance on her house and she came across this. I tried looking up the hallmarks and I am having no luck. I was hoping someone could help me.

The mark reads “E”, then almost certainly “P”, then probably a company logo, then “N” “S”.

EPNS is ElectroPlated Nickel Silver so this basket is not silver. I cannot make out whether there is, or is not, a company logo, so I cannot determine the basket’s origins.

Thanks for your reply. I tried to read the stamps but couldn’t . I was wondering would it be worth to get valued ? but more likely not ?

Electroplate generally has very little value and I see nothing in/on your basket which would elevate from the general run of electroplate.