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'Abbey Pewter' Kettle, Tray and Creamer?

Hi there!
I was wondering if anyone could give me a little more information on these pieces. Where were they made, and is that second piece (not the kettle) a creamer? It seems awfully big compared to others I own and have seen. The marks on the kettle and creamer (?) read “Abbey Pewter 1134 Hand Hammered” and the tray reads “Abbey Pewter 1310 14 Hand Hammered”. The handles are wrapped in a wicker like material. The kettle and creamer measure at 6 inches tall and the tray is 13 3/4 inches long and 9 inches wide. I do have a couple more photos if anyone would like to see more, please just let me know! Thank you!

I have no idea about pewter makers I’m afraid. However, I can tell you that the creamer is in fact a hot water jug. These were made to refill the tea or coffee pot. They are usually very similar in size and design to the coffee pot. The main difference is that the coffee pot always has a long spout and the hot water has a short spout. Hope that helps, jonathan