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Need help reading some silver hallmarks? post a picture on this forum and we’ll try to help!


Hello, this is my first posting and I may struggle to download pictures on an iPad. If the pictures fail to load it is simply the word SILVER on the base of an acid tested rococo style bowl. The bowl is 5inches tall, 13 inches long and 10 inches wide and weighs approx 675 grams.

Wondering about the age and whether these fish knives and forks are silver

Hi I have an oval handled platter and dont know what the marks mean.

These marks are on one piece. A small silver creamer

During my research on an unusual silver mark, I came across your forum and I was hoping if you could help me identify the origin/date of this maker’s mark(?!). It’s a partial tableware, comprising a large salva, a tureen and two cup holders. Foliage, peacock and floral motifs hammered from the back. Very pretty and tests for silver. Also on the plate there are M. E. initials and L. R. 1927
Find it strange that there is only this one mark on all pieces. Maybe due to the WAR.
At first, it looks like an upside down letter A.
But then, thinking carefully it might be MH or HM, MA or AM, WA or AW
I would very much appreciate you thoughts and help.
Thank you in advance for your time.


New here but need some help identifying these marks and if silver or not
WP is William page but not sure on others ??
Thank you

I would be very interested in any information forthcoming on these hallmarks which are on the bottom of a tastevins, which appears to be sterling, although there are no additional marks. Thank you.

Can someone help me with this Hallmarks please

Hi can you help identify this please

Need help reading these hallmarks, the one with The Crown on it. It looks like it’s been double stamped. It’s really weird. Maybe you can help me and on the other one I just. I wanna know what both of them are worth. Actually you can help me thank you

Please help me identify this teapot