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Advice from the regulars in cleaning?

I am currently assisting a friend of mine in evaluating his family heirlooms. I’ve come across a selection of silver that seems fairly well used but needs some tlc to try get back some ‘zing’, so to speak.
Facts: we know the set belonged to Henry St. George Tucker (East India Company Director/Chairman). The 2 sets date to 1811 and 1836. Both sets bear his mark on all the items. Both sets have been used frequently through the generations.
What I need to know from you is would it be better to post a few pictures to help you in helping me with an ideal method to clean these items?



Have a quick read through the “Sticky” topic in this forum on cleaning silver. Some very good advice can be found on Jeffrey Herman’s web pages. Above all avoid short-cut methods involving mechanical buffing, soda and aluminium foil baths and over-abrasive polishes.

It will be hard work but the results should be very rewarding.

Thank you kindly. Being a complete novice I have read a fair number of the posts in the forum but there seem to be many opinions. Can I would presume that different applications based on the what the condition of the silver is in or am I completely off the mark there?
I that is so, would it be ok to post some pics next week and get some decent advice first, before I go and make a complete hash of it?

Much appreciated for the input to date.

You will probably find that no one method will suffice. I suggest that you start with the most gentle method - a simple wash in warm soapy water to get rid of any dirt. Then progress to a good quality silver polish to attempt to remove any tarnish, remembering that some tarnish may, acceptably, be left in crevices, etc.

Thank you squire. If I get stuck should I post on this thread?

Yes, but I’m sure you won’t…


Reading through my Silver Care Guide should explain everything in precise detail. The process need not be laborious, but pleasurable. Once you see that gleam come back to your silver, you’ll want to continue because they’ll be a sense of accomplishment. Don’t forget to read my page on Silver Polish Abrasion Ratings. And feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions.

Best of luck!

Morning Jeff,

Thank you for the info, I have already saved a copy of your script. cleaning will commence next week and if there are any problems I will definitely take you up on the offer. I shall post a few pics once I have completed everything. shouldn’t be more than a week till we’re finished.

Have a great weekend.