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Aesthetic tray? Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co

I bought this quadruple silver-plated tray at an estate sale today. Without the handles, it measures 16 1/2 inches long and 13 1/8 inches wide. Each handle is 3 1/2 inches long. It is quite heavy, and is in very good condition with a few normal scratches due to its age.
One of the handles does need to be soldered onto the edge of the tray.

There are nature images of 2 adult birds, 3 baby birds in a nest, a butterfly, a bee, fish, flowers, leaves. Around the perimeter are Egyptian symbols: palm trees, camels, temples, ibis, lions with pharoh heads,

On the back in a circle is imprinted: SIMPSON, HALL, MILLER & CO. QUADRUPLE PLATE + Under the circle is the number 95.
I have looked up the maker, and I know the tray came from Wallingford, CT, probably in the late 1800’s.

My questions are:

Is there a pattern name?
Is it called “aesthetic” in style?
Is it worth more or less than the $75 I paid for it?
How should I clean it?

This is my first post to this forum. I would appreciate any information you can give.
silver plated tray 003black & whitesmaller.jpg
silver plated tray 002black & whitesmaller.jpg
silver plated tray 001black&whitesmaller.jpg

Hi Paula and thanks for joining us. I apoligize for the tardy reply but I’ve been away on an extended fishing trip out of the country.

Your tray is a very nice one. Assuming the silver plating is in good condition and the handle is professionally repaired, it is well worth what you paid. Clean it carefully with any good mild liquid or cream silver polish and warm soapy water before and after the polish.

The number 95 is probably the pattern or model number. You can take a look at the maker on and may find a pattern name. I’m not much of an authority on what that pattern would be called; perhaps some of our readers could be of help?

Good quality American silver plated trays such as yours are, in my view, a terrific bargain on today’s market. My wife was planning a party a few years ago and needed more silver trays than we had in sterling, so I ventured onto eBay and bought several plated ones at very reasonable prices, polished them up, and they served quite well. I store them in large zip-loc bags with a snip of 3M tarnish strip and they do not tarnish between occasional use. A through washing in warm, soapy water before and after use will keep them sparkling.


Uncle Vic

Uncle Vic,
I hope you had a great fishing trip!

I located a professional silversmith in Atlanta who is making the soldering repair to the handle. He said the silver plating is in excellent condition and estimates that the tray is worth somewhere between $400—$500. I am so excited!

I appreciate the cleaning and storage suggestions. I will continue my search for the pattern name. I have a suspicion that it is something Egyptian because of the design on the edges.

Thank you for responding. This forum is very interesting.