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Amber pendant - help please!

This large amber pendant is marked 925 but I can find none of its other marks!

It seems to be stamped with T&G, a triangle, and a stylized ‘w’. Another stamp looks like a stylized ‘ww’.

The triangle is the import mark for Birmingham with “w” being the date letter for 1996. Sorry I have no idea whose is the sponsor’s mark T&G (or maybe T&C?).

Thank you!
At least I know where to start now.

Armed with the information, I searched many databases & lists of Birmingham makers with no luck. Then I found the database for the Assay Office:

No results for T&G. Several results for T&C. Only 2 had the letters in a rectangular stamp:
John Thropp & Ann Thropp 22/02/1815
John Thropp & Ann Thropp, Thropp & Co. 26/06/1818

Obviously these would not correspond with a date mark of 1996 so I am still confused!

Does anyone have any ideas on the ww mark? I assume that will be the original manufacturer mark.