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American hallmark i think!!



I think i have what looks to be some sort of a dish with lid (???) with the markings WH & SBP. I have been trawling resources trying to identify this mark and believe it may be american as the only resources i can find have the hallmark on other items from america from around the mid 1850’s. The actual handle on the lid comes off to reveal a patent number which i have checked on the american patent website which brings back a date of 1848 but no other info. I am not sure it can be this old and from America despite the amount of cleaning that needs doing to it!!!

I can’t photograph the hallmark clearly enough to post unfortunately. I have attached a picture of the item anyway.

Any help with what it actually is used for or hallmark would be much appreciated!



Mezzo26 - welcome to Your dish is designed to be used either as a covered dish, or by removing the handle, two separate uncovered dishes. I own a sterling oval dish by Mauser of New York, circa 1895 with a similar removable handle on the top.

I cannot identify the maker without a picture of sketch of the mark. The absence of the word “sterling” strongly indicates it is silver plated. You may email me a picture or sketch and I’ll be happy to research further.

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Uncle Vic