American Souvenier Spoons

I have some silver baby cups and souvenier spoons. I’m certain they are all sterling, but need an approximate value for them. Will try to post pics.(I am unfamiliar with Forums)
Here is what I have learned from the markings;
Florida Spoon-Watson &Newell Co.
Small Simple Spoon-Frank M Whiting Co.
Colorado Spoon-Sterling Colorado Silver
Pennslavania Spoon-Towle Mfg. Co.
Pikes Peak Spoon-Gorham Mfg. Co.
Spoon with elaborate Faces- Sterlig DOO
I can’t seem to post a picture here. Give me an e-mail and I can get you all the pictures.
Thank you, Christine

Hi there Christine and thanks for joining us. Souvenier spoons are a world unto themselves - there are many, many books out there on the subject. Most have minimul value, but some are quite pricey. Take a look on Ebay at the “completed items” under the sterling silver section and you will get a pretty good idea of what they are going for.

Most all souvenier spoons are sterling silver and will be marked with the word “sterling” or “925”.

I’m no expert on souvenier spoons, but if you’d like me to take a look, feel free to email me direct at


Uncle Vic