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Hi all,

This pic is on the inside of the handle of a small cup. There are no hallmarks for dates other than the marks on the pic.

I know of a ‘Reed & Barton’. If someone could enlighten it would be appreciated.


This is not a Reed and Barton makers mark, nor does it look American to me. It looks more like a silverplate mark, but as I’m not sure of the origin, I could be wrong. (I’m out of my element with non-American silver!) The mark is not particularly well struck, and looks fairly modern to me.

I did find this link to a silverware manufacturer in India named Barton Silver, which looks like it might manufacture both solid silver and plate. I did not see a picture of their marks, but you may like to check out their site more thoroughly.


Thanks for the info. I was also of the opinion that it was them as most of the family had strong ties with the old Indian Realm days. Most of the 1800’s and early 1900’s had members of family based that side. I will do a bit more digging and post if anything comes up.