An Odd Catch When Fishing (lots of pictures)

Hello All, may i start by saying im not exactly a silver collector but my interest has been provoked by an odd occurrence while fishing today. There i was minding my own, trying to catch a Pike or two when i spotted what i thought was a cup in the water. So i tried to fish it out, and ended up climbing down to pick it up, only to find a few other bits and pieces with it. I have done a bit of research, and this is what i think i have found.

First of all a Silver plate tea caddie by H Wilkinson & Co

Secondly a 3 piece tea set by Elkington & Co dated 1892

I have give them a bit of a wash in warm water, so my questions are as follows.

  1. Should I be handing these into the Police? could they have been dumped recently and got that tarnished?

  2. Have i identified these correctly

  3. Is it worth getting them cleaned professionally or can i do it my self without ruining them.

  4. Do they have any value.

Thank in advance and i look forward to your replies


Ok so i have had the first question answered, i spoke to Yorkshire police who have told me i should hand it in, and i will do so when I’m down there next week. Hopefully i will get them back.

Good on you for doing the right thing. What an amazing catch though! I hope you do get it back, it’s an awesome story and certainly beautiful set . No idea if it’s worth anything though.

Nice find and a good story. Police are right - most likely stolen and someone found that it was plated and got rid of it.
In case you get it back - I would keep it as is. Good story and look like when found. You will never use it anyhow.

Would you use it - then polish it. But most likely you will not use it.

Did you get them back Phill??