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Angora Plate cutlery service for 12 settings

Hi there, I have a full 12 person set of Angora Plate EPNS-A1 20 DWTS cutlery service including large Forks and Knives, smaller forks and knives, fish forks and knives, Soup spoons, dessert spoons, teaspoons, coffee spoons, dessert forks, serving spoons, soup ladle, salad servers etc. I am trying to find out the value of this.

Ebay’s “sold” listings should give you an idea of what electroplated sets are selling for. You probably won’t find exactly the same as you have but electroplate prices aren’t especially dependent on manufacturer.


So this is electroplated not silver?

EPNS = electroplated nickel silver

Can you please tell me if it is worth anything?

Everything is worth something - check out Ebay’s “sold” listings as I suggested. It will give you a ball-park figure.