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Another fork - all marks unknown

Here is the second fork - this one appears to be silver plate, but I will deferr to expert knowledge.

Makers mark is MAP over PIN. Next mark is a stylised M with a long curled left side. Next mark is a stylised B with a long curled left side. Final mark is a radiant sun stamp. Further down the shaft of the fork is a single ‘S’ stamp.
Is this series of marks enough to date this item, and can anyone explain the individual marks?

This fork has very similar pattern to the fork in my first question, subtle differences in detail but over all obviously the same ‘master’ pattern … anyone know the pattern name, and how these differences between these two examples of this pattern were brough into being?

I’d assume (again, I’m often wrong but never in doubt!) that MAP over PIN is Mappin Bros, and the radiant sun is their silver plate stamp.

Mappin Bros, Electroplate 1865-c1904, Sheffield