another newbie w/ a question

can anyone tell me about mark ? 3 point crown GSC on a pair of candleabras , believed to be Sheffield silver plate . 3 branches ,3 piece unscrewable stick . raised acanthus leaf ,top beaded band, beautiful set ,given to me by family with pioneer status in state of Florida. they can’t remember if they were brought to United States or were purchased here .

thanks in advance,

Hello Nancy -

There are several American silver companies with the initials GSC, but none I’ve found with that mark, it could possibly be British. If you could post a photograph of the piece, with a close up of the marks it would better your chance of an identification.

There is Sheffield Plate and then there is “sheffield plate.” Most silver marked sheffield plate is electroplated - true sheffield plate is sheet silver fused to a thicker sheet of copper, and not commonly found in the US.

I look forward to seeing your candleabras.