Antique Fairfield Spoon

I have a very ornate old spoon I found in a garbage dump (also very old) high up in the Sierra Mountains while Jeeping with friends about 30 years ago. It has “California” on the stem, an American flag further up and at the top what appears to be a girl tending sheep (my loose interpretation) with mountains in the background with “Eureka” among several stars above and “California” below the image. On the back of the stem at the top is a wreath and below that a stars & stripes banner. On the narrow part below that is stamped “Fairfield Plate”. I believe the area I found this in was close to old gold mining areas so I’m guessing it’s late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I have pics and would appreciate any help in identifying it’s true age. It’s in pretty bad shape but still very legible.