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Antique fork? Candle snuff

Hello can anyone tell me anything about this fork and candle snuff please?

With no indication of silver fineness (e.g. numerical value or silver hallmark) we have to assume that both of these pieces are either base metal alloys or electroplated and not silver. The fork’s manufacturer, H&Co, is not identified on either of the sites where I normally find electroplate marks.


I’ve been told the candle snuff is pewter, would you maybe agree? The lion I think is for Edinburgh, I’ve tried searching the internet but but I can’t find anything. Thank you.

The lion is nothing to do with the manufacturer - it’s the family symbol/armorial of (probably) the original owner.

You would need to have the snuffer properly tested to determine its composition but pewter or some other base metal alloy seems about right. X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing is the most reliable but would likely cost more than it’s worth.